LIFT TECH is the industry leader for automated cargo door openers, providing innovative products for commercial trucks and trailers. As all truck professionals know, factors like maintenance expenses, downtime, injuries and theft can quickly eat into your bottom line. We’re committed to offering solutions to these age-old problems. Our rugged, low-maintenance door openers are designed to make your job safer, smoother and more efficient than ever.

We’re proud to offer you the LT155 Automated Cargo Door Opener. With a robust 12-VDC motor and precision-engineered components, it’s a breeze to operate and will bring immediate benefits to your day-to-day operations.

Quicker Delivery Times

Loading and unloading just got easier! With a press of a button your cargo door will open or close while reducing your delivery time.

Security Benefits

Physical security is one of the best ways to prevent theft of your goods. In many cases recovered goods are unable to be sold and must be disposed of (food and perishable items). Keep your cargo secure and protected against theft with the LT155.

Potential Fuel Savings

Reefer trucks and trailers consume more fuel when doors are open while maintaining the correct temperature. Keeping the door closed will decrease the load on the refrigeration unit. The auto-close feature can be set from 1 – 15 minutes, temporarily overridden, or turned off altogether.

Reduced Maintenance Cost

The smooth operation of the Lift Tech door opener results in less wear and tear on doors, rollers, and other hardware. This means less frequent maintenance and reduced costs.