ItemLifttech P/NNameSummary
--534-40-0071Spline Motor Shaft

Replacement shaft for Lift Tech motor.

22ASY-SLIDER1Rail Chain

Replacement chain in aluminum rail with slider and hardware

211208-0334Aluminum Rail Assembly

Aluminum rail with chain, slider, main drive bracket, and end bracket w/pulley

376201-1298-02Rail End Cap Bracket

Rail end bracket w/pulley

426209-0007-00Chain Guard Assembly

Chain guard assembly

416209-0010-00J-Bar Assembly

Adjustable J-Bar

401208-0039Interior Door Bracket

Inside Door Bracket

391208-0024Lock Assembly

Lock with key & cable

381208-0208Lift Tech Face Plate

Lift Tech Face Plate

316209-0005-00Hall PCBA With Connector

Hall Sensor, cover, and harness – attaches to main drive bracket, does not include magnet.

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7MAINDRIVE-KITGear Kit

Gear, Clutch Plate, Clutch Plate Spring, Clutch Fork, Thrust Washer, Nut, Nylon Spacer, Motor Shaft

B6201-0220-003 Button Wall Mount Remote

Interior Wall Mount Remote

D6209-0004-00Controller Box

Electronic Control Box

FLT-155MMotor Kit

Door opener – no rail

30ASY-MAGNET1Magnet Assembly

Magnet for hall sensor

256201-1298-01Main Drive Bracket Assembly

Main drive bracket assembly

241201-0099Rail Chain Tension Bolt M8

Tensioner bolt for rail chain

201208-0029Small Chain

Short chain between gear and main drive bracket

196201-1297-00LED Assembly

LED with wire, no hardware included

16KIT-TENSION1Chain Tension Bracket Kit

Out of Stock – call for ETA

15ASY-MOTOR1Electric Motor

Lift Tech Electric Motor

141308-0082Solenoid Dust Cover

Dust Cover

E6201-1604-00Bluetooth Box

Bluetooth control box for Iphone/Android


Solenoid with wire

71308-0089Spacer - Nylon

Spacer between clutch fork and motor shaft

HSMC-6655K15Thrust Washer McM

Thrust washer for gear

61208-0050Clutch Fork Arm

Clutch fork arm

5SLTMM-79Clutch Reset Spring

Clutch reset spring

4STP-20013Clutch Plate

High Strength Steel Clutch Plate

3ASY-GEAR1Gear Assembly

Includes gear and clutch plate

GE99-040ACircuit Breaker

40A Circuit Breaker

C6201-0226-00Exterior Keypad

Smart Keypad

A6201-0188-00Wireless Key Fob

4-button key fob

21202-0006Gear Lock Nut M8

Gear lock nut M8

11208-0040Mounting Plate

Mounting plate

121208-0052Motor Plate

Motor plate