Yes. The LT155 can memorize up to 8 remotes.

You may press the UP and STOP buttons at the same time to temporarily override the auto release. When you are ready to close the door just press the UP or DOWN arrow on the remote.

Yes. While the auto release is in the ON mode you may press the down arrow on the remote to reset the timer.

If the battery is low (less than 9 volts) the setup will not be able to memorize the remote.

In open space with a full battery the remote can work from up to 90 feet away. Weather, obstructions, and battery can reduce the distance.

Yes. With the additional Bluetooth module, it can be controlled by your iPhone or Android smart phone.

The LIFT TECH LT155 is designed to reliably function with minimal maintenance. Every six months, check the chain and door springs to ensure they have the proper tension. This will extend the life of your LIFT TECH LT155 and help it function smoothly.

In most applications the door can be fully opened in under 10 seconds.

The warranty is for 12 months beginning from the date of purchase.