• 12 VDC motor, operating potential 55 amps
  • High-efficiency synthetic oil, sealed gear box
  • Optimized design for quiet operation
  • Opens rolling doors in most applications under 10 seconds

Control Panel

  • Adjustable amperage control up to 55 amps
  • Auto Close feature: A timed duration to close door settable within 1-20 minutes or off
  • Setup button automatically programs the distance of travel of door
  • Safety software built into control panel to retract the door if it closes on any obstruction
  • Learn function can program up to eight remotes

Rail Assembly

  • 1″ x 3″ x 9’2″, Aluminum rail
  • Chain driven, with sealed roller bearings on each end
  • Engraved center line on reinforced aluminum rail for easy drilling during installation
  • The rail has a mounted sensor to know where the door is positioned at all times
  • The rail has a self-lubricating plastic slider


  • Two key fobs and one wall mounted remote provided with each kit
  • Remotes provide an up, down, stop, and lock button
  • Each remote is powered by a coin cell battery
  • Battery operated keypad, for security code entry, weather resistant, and illuminated (optional)
  • Bluetooth compatible through iOS and Android app (optional)